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A Comprehensive Online Growth and Development Solution Designed to Drive Your Purpose Forward

Whether you're a for-profit or nonprofit business, unlock the potential to drive your purpose with our comprehensive online growth and development solution.  Crafted with precision and tailored to meet your unique needs, this package is your very key to fostering a purpose-driven culture of learning, growth, and development among your employees, members, vendors, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Empower your organization to reach new heights with the iAm package.  By combining cutting-edge technology, personalized content, and strategic solutions, we'll help you create a learning and growth development ecosystem that inspires, empowers, and transforms.

Learning and Growth Development Programs

Do you know what education, coaching, and advising all have in common? They are all approaches to enhancing an individual's knowledge, skills, competencies, and personal growth. However, when combining all three approaches, education, peer group coaching, and peer group advising, a highly empowering learning and development program emerges, which maximizes learning, personal growth, and collaboration. Ambition2Success Group can help your business and your people with one of our learning and growth development programs, or we can develop a custom learning and growth development program unique to your organization. Ambition2Success Group can help your business and your people soar!

Fractional Leadership

Ambition2Success Group will offer you the insight, skill, and expertise that you need to help your organization soar to new levels.  For the nonprofit and micro, small, and mid-sized businesses seeking significant growth but not needing full-time executive leadership, Ambition2Success Group's fractional leadership is what you need.  Fractional leaders offer advice, counsel, and strategy, as well as help to implement the strategy.  

Advising, Coaching and Consulting for Consultancies

As advisors, coaches, and consultants, we understand the consulting business.  We offer one-on-one consulting engagements for solo consultants, micro consultancies, and small consultancies.  

Fresh Perspective

Advising and consulting offer nonprofits and micro, small, and mid-sized businesses new insights and fresh perspectives to help them see their challenges and problems in new ways.  We can help deliver on a specific project or outcome.

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Commercial Plan
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Domestic Plan
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Industrial Plan
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Electro Annual Member
  • Monthly all-round inspections

  • Indoor/Outdoor Electric Wirings

  • Childproof Outlets & Appliances

  • Holiday Lightings

Domestic Electrical Plan
  • Conduit and Circuit Laying

  • Switch and Socket Fixing

  • Ceiling Fans and Light repairs

  • Energy Backups & Earthing

Industrial Eletro Plan
  • Commercial Energy Audits

  • Generators & Industrial Inverters

  • Solar Panel Fittings & Installations

  • Emergency Fault Findings & Repairs


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