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A2SG Forum Services

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Education and Certification

We educate and certify subject matter experts to be business consultants.  All members must successfully complete "The Foundations of Business Consulting" course before participating in the Advisory Board.

New courses will be given routinely, and members can take them at their own pace.

Peer Group
Peer Group Coaching

We provide a peer group where consultants grow together, share best practices, and hold each other accountable.  

A certified career coach with leadership coaching experience virtually meets with each cohort each month for two hours to help each member grow their leadership and interpersonal skills, as well as be held accountable to their personal goals.

Consultant Board
Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is an ecosystem of business product and service providers who collaborate virtually together each month for two hours for the purpose of helping each other solve their client's pain points and reach their clients goals.  The Advisory Board is led by experienced consultants.  Through collaborations, relationships will form, catalyzing new business through referrals, leads, and project sharing.

Additionally, the Advisory Board may have the opportunity to serve as a fractional Board of Advisors to other small businesses and nonprofits.  By helping advise small businesses and nonprofits to thrive, we help communities thrive.  Additionally, this serves as another opportunity for members to meet new business leaders that could benefit from working with them.


We offer resources and tools to grow businesses.


"What I find particularly beneficial about MPWRForum is hearing from other professionals who serve my target market.  We each approach issues and opportunities from a different perspective and it's been helpful in thinking about how I can better offer services to my clients." - John Rabil, Owner of Launch

Strategic Partners

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